SUMMER 2014:

The Beauty of Ordinary Things by Harriet Scott Chessman

My new novel The Beauty of Ordinary Things (published by the extraordinary new indie publisher Atelier26)has enjoyed a soaringly fun launch this year. I loved meeting readers on 4 book tours, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, OR, New York, and New England. Coming up soon, I will be offering a presentation of The Beauty of Ordinary Things at Bread Loaf School of English in Vermont on July 28.

To listen to  the opening of The Beauty of Ordinary Things you're welcome to click here.

To discover more about The Abbey of Regina Laudis, the cloistered Benedictine Abbey that inspired so much of this novel, this  is a fruitful place to start.   

To learn more about Atelier26, click here.

"A beautiful étude of humanity. Harriet Scott Chessman succeeds in writing a song of the soul inThe Beauty of Ordinary Things. … Her writing is like poetry spoken in real, soft voices. It would be hard to close this book and not feel changed."

ForeWord Magazine

This book is dedicated to my children, and also to Mother Irene Boothroyd, O.S.B., and Mother Placid Dempsey, O.S.B.  Both of these women were compassionate, vital, wise, welcoming, and inspiring members of The Abbey of Regina Laudis, in Bethlehem, Connecticut.  I will hold them in my heart always, as they held so many people in theirs.  

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